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Book Cover for: The Sex Talks Deck: 90 Prompts to Deepen Connection and Spark Intimacy, Vanessa Marin

The Sex Talks Deck: 90 Prompts to Deepen Connection and Spark Intimacy

Vanessa Marin


Building on their incredible successes from New York Times bestselling book Sex Talks, sex therapist Vanessa Marin and her husband Xander have created a companion that will make talking about sex with your partner easier than ever.

Welcome to the Sex Talks card deck!

These cards will help you and your partner have better sex, simply by talking about it openly! You'll discover what you both need to feel open to intimacy, how to bring back that new relationship spark, and what makes sex amazing for each of you--and you'll have lots of fun and laughter along the way. Before you know it, you're both going to be feeling more playful, joyful, and in love. And ready to race into the bedroom!

We've experienced the power of these conversations in our own relationship, and we're so excited for you to get started.

The cards are organized into five categories:

1. Acknowledgement: a.k.a. "Sex is a thing, and we have it."
The cards in this section will help you get comfortable talking about sex openly, and will make it a fun topic of conversation.

2. Connection: a.k.a. "What do we need to feel connected to each other?"
With these cards, you'll develop a deeper understanding of how to create and sustain emotional intimacy. Because the more connected you feel emotionally, the easier physical intimacy will feel.

3. Desire: a.k.a. "What do we each need to get turned on?"
Answering these questions will help you and your partner know what you each need to feel excitement and anticipation around sex.

4. Pleasure: a.k.a. "What do we each need to feel good?"
The questions in this section will reveal what each of you needs to have your "best ever" sexual experiences.

5. Exploration: a.k.a. "What should we try next?"
These cards will inspire you to keep it spicy for years to come!

Book Details

  • Publisher: S&s/Simon Element
  • Publish Date: Feb 4th, 2025
  • Pages: 196
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 5.00in - 3.50in - 0.52in - 0.27lb
  • EAN: 9781668060230
  • Categories: SexualitySexual InstructionLove & Romance

About the Author

Marin, Vanessa: - Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy. She has bachelor's degrees in human sexuality and sociology from Brown University and a master's degree in counseling psychology. She has written for The New York Times, Allure, and Lifehacker, and has been featured many times in major publications like Oprah Daily, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and Real Simple.
Marin, Xander: - Xander Marin is a regular dude who left a cushy career in tech once he realized it was more fun to talk about sex with his wife all day. He's here to show you that you don't need a graduate degree or a license to have extraordinary communication skills--you just need an open mind and willingness!