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Book Cover for: The Side Piece, Jm Vella

The Side Piece

Jm Vella

Meet the Howards.

If you peer through the massive glass double doors of their McMansion that sits nestled by a man-made lake within the gated enclave of Sacramento, California, you might think you are observing the perfect family. Seated at the head of the dining room table is Chase Howard, a handsome, successful businessman. His lovely and accomplished wife, Maryann, is a highly educated stay-at-home mom with fashion model looks and a penchant for gourmet cooking. She enters the dining room and modestly presents her family with a meal that rivals a fine dining restaurant. Their adorable seven-year-old twins, Jacie and Jack, bicker about everything, but their spats are good-naturedly refereed by both parents. The scene is the picture of family bliss...

if it weren't for Shanda.

Shanda is the other woman that Chase sees on the side and of whom Maryann has no clue. She's a voluptuous auburn-haired beauty who is charming, street smart, and industrious, but lacks Maryann's refinement. Chase keeps the relationship going for seven years by baiting Shanda with an insincere promise of leaving Maryann...when the time is right. Shanda reluctantly goes along with it until she has a chance meeting with Maryann's old college friend, Val. The two women take an instant liking to each other, and Val enjoys serving as Shanda's life coach, until she realizes the connection between her protegee and her sorority sister. That's when everything goes up-side-down in Chase's idyllic world.

To what length will Chase go to save his marriage and reputation from his scorned mistress?

Book Details

  • Publisher: Jmv Publications
  • Publish Date: May 1st, 2024
  • Pages: 156
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.36in - 0.52lb
  • EAN: 9798990630802
  • Categories: Romance - Romantic ComedyWomenFamily Life - Marriage & Divorce