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Book Cover for: The Suburban Manifesto: How to Make City Hall Do Exactly What You Want, Joe B. Vaughan

The Suburban Manifesto: How to Make City Hall Do Exactly What You Want

Joe B. Vaughan

What is the most invasive form of government in the United States? Which one can most directly mess with your life, your family every day, every moment, 24/7?The federal government? That massive, indifferent bureaucracy managing labyrinthine social programs, a huge military and formidable, security agencies monitoring your phone calls, email, and texts - all for your protection? Got to be the feds, right?Wrong.Who governs your water purity, the number and types of pets may keep? Who determines how many police and fire personnel are necessary to protect you, how many libraries you get and whether they provide free computers? Who operates those tiny digital cameras monitoring your intersections? Who?City hall. Astonishingly powerful. Touching your life, every moment, every day. Acceptable perhaps, but only if your local government provides you quality city services, remains attentive to your needs, and works to ensure that you remain the top priority of all city operation and planning.But, what if you city hall seems unconcerned about how that power affects you? What if the local government your tax money supports treats you as a nuisance when you demand city services? What if your local elected officials are more interested in accommodating big development and big business than you? What do you do?Revolt! That's what author Joe B. Vaughan, Jr. did in the early-1990s. He led a highly successful, democratic coup against his ineffective, corrupt local government, ultimately electing a 5-7 majority voting bloc on city council to run the city exactly as his neighbors and he wanted. You can too. The Suburban Manifesto describes how to effectively organize your movement, establish a communications network, create presentations to influence/intimidate city commissions/boards/councils, use the media to your benefit, select/elect good candidates. Read The Suburban Manifesto. Make city hall do exactly what you want! It's your right.

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  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Publish Date: Apr 15th, 2010
  • Pages: 162
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9781452800066
  • Categories: American Government - Local