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Book Cover for: The Ultimate Solutioneer: How to Win Your Unfair Share of Business & Super Charge Your Presales Team, Brian K. Copeland

The Ultimate Solutioneer: How to Win Your Unfair Share of Business & Super Charge Your Presales Team

Brian K. Copeland

Are you tired of your presales function underperforming? Are you failing to meet your sales targets, and your proposals don't get the customer into buying action? Many organizations' initial problem is that team members aren't treated like disciplined and skilled professionals. The processes aren't defined, meaningful measurements often don't exist, and the solution team members are not trained or experienced in the opportunity lifecycle and solutioning disciplines. This lack of investment in building highly skilled pre-sales teams results in sub-optimized win rates and revenue.

Your presales team may be doing OK-they may even be on par with the industry average-but you want to drive higher-quality deals and achieve unprecedented results. Great presales team members don't just happen by accident. You must look for and develop the skills needed to master the solutioning process and build winning proposals. This book explores how you can supercharge your presales function and ultimately win your unfair share of business.

Explore the reasons why most presales functions fail to live up to expectations. Discover the characteristics that identify the Ultimate Solutioneer and the four behaviors that every great presales team member demonstrates. Understand your sales partners and how to recognize where they are coming from. Learn about the forgotten buyers that many companies fail to engage in the sales process and how to speak their language. Spend time learning how to conduct effective solution discovery and develop winning proposals. No discussion about presales would be complete without the role of negotiation in the presales toolbox. Finally, understand the right metrics to measure that inspire action rather than information overload.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Optimize Press
  • Publish Date: May 7th, 2024
  • Pages: 232
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.75in - 1.06lb
  • EAN: 9781964222042
  • Categories: Sales & Selling - GeneralInformation Technology

About the Author

Copeland, Brian K.: - Brian Copeland has over 37 years ofexperience in Information Technology(IT) across various industries anddisciplines. His expertise includesaerospace, medical devices, insurance, legal, financial services, banking, healthcare, market research, andservices companies.Brian has leveraged his experiences to develop andlead large transformation initiatives for quality assurance, lifecycle management, Agile, and presales. He most recentlytransformed a presales organization from the ground up, resulting in unprecedented revenue growth for the company.The methods he developed are detailed in this book as a guidefor you to use to achieve your unfair share of business.Brian is a lifelong learner and has been exploring life beyondIT, becoming an Emergency Medical Technician for his localhometown fire department in Kentucky. Brian lives with hisbeautiful wife, Cassandra, and enjoys spending time with hisadult daughters and granddaughter.
Copeland, Cassandra: - "Cassandra Copeland serves as an engineering director at a prominent US technology company, concentrating on developing and guiding technology and quality teams. She is driven by her commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for customers and nurturing the professional growth of her team members. With over two decades of software engineering experience spanning startups and large enterprises, Cassandra possesses a robust technical foundation. Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of software applications, development technologies, and testing methodologies. She has consistently led teams to success, leveraging her deep understanding of software engineering principles and best practices. Cassandra earned her degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She resides in Kentucky with her husband and enjoys spending leisurely moments at home, visiting family or at the beach - any beach."
Coplin, Andrea: - Andrea Coplin is a graphic designer who balances her full-time role as a supply chain manager with her passion for creative expression. Holding a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Northeastern University, Andrea has honed her skills and expertise in visual communication and design principles. While excelling in her full-time career Andrea also thrives as a freelance graphic designer, leveraging her expertise to craft visually captivating designs for various clients. Her portfolio includes corporate logos, book covers, and media content. Continuously seeking growth and expansion, Andrea is currently immersing herself in the realm of UX design, driven by a desire to enhance user experiences and push the boundaries of design innovation. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband and son and finds joy in the art of baking, particularly in crafting beautifully decorated cookies that showcase her artistic flair and attention to detail.

Praise for this book

"Brian's 'the Ultimate Solutioneer' is a must-read

for anyone looking to unlock the growth potential

that lies within the presales team. Brian has

achieved what no one else has-the presales

playbook for winning your unfair share of business."

-Scott Hornung, Presales Executive

"Brian is the Ultimate Solutioneer, who

liberally shares his wisdom in this

book to anyone who wants to navigate

around many of the landmines buried

in the landscape of presales."

-Scott Moore, Technology

Evangelist & Popular Podcast Host