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Book Cover for: Thinking Hebraically: Uncovering "Nuggets" in the Bible Through A Hebrew Mindset, Alyosha Ryabinov

Thinking Hebraically: Uncovering "Nuggets" in the Bible Through A Hebrew Mindset

Alyosha Ryabinov

who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began‖ (Acts 3:19- 21).

God is restoring much today. We will be discussing some of those things. Primarily He is restoring the foundation, which is rooted in our forefathers. Isaiah 51:1, 2 says, ―Listen to Me, you who follow after (or pursue) righteousness, you who seek the Lord. Look to the rock from which you were hewn.... Look to Abraham your father and Sarah who bore you.‖ So Abraham and Sarah are the father and mother to whom we are to look. That means, in the Lord we have a father and a mother. Isaiah is speaking to those ―who follow after righteousness.

If you wish to follow after righteousness, that applies to you. The Scriptures say to honor your mother and father so that things will go well for you (Exodus 20:12). Many believers teach about curses passing from generation to generation, even curses from the fathers passing to third and fourth generations. But not many people talk about the blessings of generations, even back to the blessings of the forefathers. My personal story relating to the blessings of the forefathers began in 1998 with a strong desire to begin looking into Hebrew.

I was born Thinking Hebraically and raised in the Soviet Union - primarily a god-less country. Even though I was Jewish, I had no typical Jewish upbringing and was estranged from the tenets of Judaism. I met the Lord shortly after immigrating to USA and from that point on my life took another direction and I found myself on a road to discovery of my Hebraic (Jewish) heritage.

In 1998 I was in Israel for a visit, and I felt the Lord wanted me to buy a Hebrew English Bible and begin to read it. I did not have a lot of knowledge of Hebrew at that time. It took me about three years just to read through the Torah, the first five books of Moses. Then I started to reread it again, and a whole new world began to open up that I had not seen before. Amazing pictures and patterns began to emerge on the pages. I had not seen these reading the Bible in either English or Russian, which is my mother tongue, having been born in Ukraine. Then in 2005 I was in Israel again and at a Messianic service where familiar songs were being sung in three languages; English, Russian and Hebrew. By this time, I understood all three languages. When sung in Russian and English, the songs were very nice and they were special, but when they were sung in Hebrew, I wanted to cry. So I began to wonder, what is it about this Hebrew language that is different from all the other languages? Then the Lord began to explain it to me. He told me, ―It is time for you to understand why it is in your heart to learn the Hebrew language. If you think the reason is so you can read the Scriptures and understand, that is a good reason, but it is not the main reason. One day you will live in Israel, but it is still not the main reason. The main reason is that what has been cut off from your forefathers is being restored to you.

I began to understand that the work of the enemy has been to cut off that which was built by the forefathers but in which we today must learn to stand. The blessings of the forefathers must pass from generation to generation. God wanted to reconnect me to the former generations, all the way back to the forefathers - meaning to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Through them Thinking Hebraically God built a foundation upon which everything else stands. He told me, ―If you do not stand on that foundation, you will not fulfill your purpose and calling.

I offer you these insights with the hope that they will help you to fulfill your own calling in the Lord through His truths

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  • Publisher: Song of Israel
  • Publish Date: Feb 15th, 2018
  • Pages: 94
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Ryabinov, Alyosha: - Alyosha was born in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. His family was comprised of very gifted and serious classical musicians for generations. His grandfather was a composer and violinist; his father was a violinist and conductor in the Kiev Radio Symphony Orchestra; and his mother is a classical guitarist who authored books classical guitars and teaches in universities and gives private lessons in Chicago, Illinois. As a third-generation professional musician, Alyosha's childhood consisted of a rigorous and disciplined upbringing. In addition to his academic courses, he simultaneously studied composition with one of the leading composers in the Ukraine. By the age of fourteen, he was already composing operas and symphonies. Alyosha immigrated to the USA in 1979, where he completed his Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Composition at DePaul University in Chicago. He is a world-class composer and concert pianist. Many international doors have opened up to release a new sound in music worldwide, which is often accompanied by glorious healings to his audiences. He has published over a dozen CDs. This music reaches deep into the listener's heart and spirit, as it is known to transport his listeners into new heavenly dimensions of God's love and deep peace. Though there are no words in much of Alyosha's music, words are often heard in people's hearts and visions, and revelations are often received. Out of His Jewish background, Alyosha releases ancient Hebraic blessings during every concert. Many report how their hearts and bodies are healed at every concert and also in events where he teaches along with his music. Today Alyosha teaches on many topics from the original Hebrew text. He links both the Tenach (Older Covenant) with the New Covenant Scriptures and makes them come alive. His most effective topic to teach is how to move beyond religion and to experience one's faith as a living reality in their heart, resulting in changed lives and relationships! Jody Ryabinov, Alyosha's wife, most often joins him in sharing the reality of the love of God. She also holds an informed knowledge of health and how the body heals, which often contributes to imparting wisdom and discernment regarding healing.
Praise for this book

"Thinking Hebraically is a small book with a HUGE message, a message that will bless you and will inexorably draw you into desiring more of this! The short time you spend reading through it the first time will whet your appetite, making you want more of the same. It will also make you go back to this book to refresh your memory, thinking, "Did he really say that? "The nuggets revealed will draw you time and again to revel in each revelation, so you will look forward to each book that Alyosha writes. ENJOY THIS OPENING OF SCRIPTURE, A PICTURE OF BLESSINGS TO COME!"

BILL MORFORD Author American Bible Translator Hebraic Specialist and Bible Teacher

"There is no doubt in my mind or in my heart that Alyosha Ryabinov has shared the very Chokmah (divine wisdom) of the Almighty as His Spirit revealed His resplendent mysteries in each captivating chapter. Every Hebrew word exploded with rich meaning and substance. Truly, this book is a powerhouse of revelation."

DR. VICTORIA SARVADI Author, Just a Little Girl Founder, The Nathaniel Foundation and

"A very enjoyable read, full of colorful explanations. The author's use of the Hebrew language will be helpful to readers. His story, as relayed in the introduction, gives us his motivation for writing, and the remainder of his book strongly reflect his love for God and for the Jewish roots of the Bible. Alyosha writes with deep passion and conviction in the desire to draw his readers to better understand who God is, as well as who they themselves are. His emphasis on the relational nature of God throughout the book is encouraging."

RABBI DR. D. FRIEDMAN Former Academic Dean, King of Kings College Jerusalem, Israel