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Book Cover for: Time Bomb, Michael Mathiesen

Time Bomb

Michael Mathiesen

There is a huge bomb that is ticking down to the moment when it must go off and it's right underneath your feet. This almost unseen Time Bomb is so massive that it will kill every man woman, child, dog, cat, birds, insects, donkeys, horses, all the fish in the sea, the whales, the dolphins, plankton, trees, plants, flowers and every other thing that lives here on this planet.

Time is ticking away and so I thought I'd better warn everyone. But there's nowhere to run. We have to all take a stand by joining what I call the final SWAT Team. (Save our World Again Today) If you choose not to saddle up and fight the good fight - it's curtains for the human race.

In this book, you at least get some basic training in SWAT. You will get the weapons and the sufficient quantity of guts and gumption to get the job done in helping to disarm the Time Bomb. But, most importantly of all, you will get the knowledge of how to use our only effective weapon - Time. Time is not on our side, but when you understand how it flies around the universe in waves, you will be able to control it and use it to disarm the bomb.

It's ironic also that Einstein's famous equation of - E-mc2 was the key to the production of the most destructive forces humans have ever unleashed, the nuclear weapons that today threaten the greatest mass extinction in history, made more urgently notable since these weapons are now controlled by psychopathic mass murderers. (Not an exaggeration)

Just as I was finishing this book, news hit the world that Russia is planning to put a nuclear device like the Death Star in Star Wars, in orbit over our heads that could destroy our entire way of life in seconds.

THUS the need for this new formula because TIME IS TICKING to the final seconds.

I introduce here a new equation that I invented that hopefully will have the effect of countering all of the destructive power of Einstein's equation.

T=emc(8) Or Time is equal to any amount of energy times any amount of mass times the speed of light raised to the power of infinity.

This formula goes beyond and is an addendum to Einstein's famous Equation that converts all mass into energy.

The very essence of Time is unveiled and simplified so that more and more of us can quickly learn how to use it more effectively in our daily lives.

Time is something we all think we know everything we need to know about and we take Time for granted because until we expire - We say that "Time flies" - It is the thesis of this book that Time moves through the universe in waves AND you will learn about an Experiment, already underway that can prove all of these assertions..

In reality, Time is rationed out to each and every one of us as is needed in pursuit of larger goals. The movement of Time around the universe in this manner is broadcast in High and Low Pressure Time Zones. High Pressure Time zones are sunny and warm and Low Pressure Time zones are cold and wintry.

Time is ticking towards a terrible conclusion of the end of the Human Race.

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  • Publisher: Michael Mathiesen
  • Publish Date: Feb 19th, 2024
  • Pages: 128
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.50in - 5.50in - 0.27in - 0.34lb
  • EAN: 9798223324898
  • Categories: PoliticalWar & MilitaryThrillers - Terrorism

About the Author

Mathiesen, Michael: - "

I have authored and published over 100 books, ebooks, audible books, online courses. My latest and most important to me are: The Science of Physics - Proof That God Exists, The 4 States of Consciousness, Zentanglements - The Three Laws of Consciousness for Smarties, The Blockchain Government, America 2.0, Inc - Take Stock in America, The God Particle Bible, The Origin of Creation, et al.

My scientific theories are on the cutting edge and many of my colleagues are not yet true believers, but when the 2nd Big Bang hits this part of the universe as I have predicted in this book - they will have to eat their words. What will it mean to you? Lots, I think.