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Book Cover for: Together for Change, Jesse Russell

Together for Change

Jesse Russell

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Together for Change (Serbian: Zaјedno za Promјene, ZZP, Zajedno za Promjene, ZZP) was a political alliance in Montenegro that existed from 2001 to 2006, originally known as Together for Yugoslavia (ZZЈ, ZZJ). It based itself upon the necessity for a united Yugoslav state with Serbia. Predrag Bulatovic was its wingleader. The pro-European semi-conservative coalition also based itself on economic and democratic reforms, bringing down of the authoritarian regime of Milo Đukanovic. The political alliance merged after a drastic change within the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro. With Slobodan Milosevic and his SPS defeated in Serbia and him on trial at the Hague, SNP CG lost its main financial supplier and room was made for the democratic wing under Predrag Bulatovic to come to prominence. The party had purged in 2001 its entire old pro-Milosevic leadership, with its new president Predrag Bulatovic deliberately voting for the removal of most members of the party who had close or intimate links with either Slobodan Milosevic or its already by then former leader Momir Bulatovic. The party adopted a new pro-European program and pointed out that it is capable of conducting real lustration in order to make a final brake with the policies of the 1990s, unlike the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro which saw only a change in political ideology, but with precisely the same men from the reign of Slobodan Milosevic gathered around Milo Đukanovic. Braking ties with parties belonging to the old regime, it ended the For Yugoslavia short-lived pro-Milosevic political alliance, with Momir Bulatovic's People's Socialist Party taking charge over it and transforming it into the Patriotic Coalition for Yugoslavia. SNP CG however kept only the Serbian People's Party of Montenegro at its side, although putting it at hard pressure to replace its old leadership that represented unpopular characters from the 1990s and change its fiercely Serbian nationalistic pursuits. As a result, the party became more moderate with Andrija Mandic as its new president. Emphasizing the need to emulate DPS from 1998 with its broad anti-Milosevic coalition, SNP searched to form a broad anti-Đukanovic coalition on the very basis to gather all political forces that wanted to maintain the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, unlike ruling Milo's coalition which desired an independent Montenegrin state. The People's Party of Montenegro under the new leadership of Predrag had abandoned Milo's coalition because of its disappointment in Milo's promises of reforms and ideological differences over Montenegro's independence proposing and had aligned with SNP. Thus SNP CG made the Together for Yugoslavia (Zaјedno za Јugoslaviјu) alliance with SrNS CG and NS CG.

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