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Book Cover for: Too Little Days: Sequel to Too Many Nights, Summer Leigh

Too Little Days: Sequel to Too Many Nights

Summer Leigh

Too Little Days is Book 2 of the Too Many Nights series.

Young-Adult/New-Adult Supernatural Beauty and the Beast-esque Romantic Drama.

America. Modern vampires. A looming war. A love story. Found family.

Inside Sneak Peeks:

"I'd learned a thing these last few months: no one could be trusted. Evil liked to sway your emotions, especially with claims that they could save you or that they had saved you. Touches were a form of manipulation. Smiles hid calculating thoughts. Laughs covered lies. No longer did I trust implicitly or blanketly believe what anyone told me." -Delaney

"What can I do, what can I say, how can I make you see that I love you? Love beyond any reasonable and rational measures, beyond what any words can describe. What we have transcends love! You have given me the life I've only dreamed of-a face to conjure in the darkest times and see hope. Every touch, every kiss, every smile brings another piece of me to life, pieces that died long before I was ever turned." -Delano

"I want forever with you."

"Not long enough." He lowered his face, nose rubbing mine, and whiskey-stained breath encroaching on my mouth. "Even forever is too little days."

"You're drunk," I teased, stretching my lips for a kiss.

"And you gave me your full consent," he rasped right back. "Hold on tight, baby."

Too Little Days

As Legion General, Delano Marquez has had one sole focus: to bring peace to his fellow vampires who have been hunted and shunned in modern-day America. That sole focus gets interrupted when a new feeder walks into his estate, captures his heart, and subsequently falls victim to loving him. In minutes, his world crashes, leaving him on a desperate hunt to find the woman he loves.

Everything Delaney thought she knew was shattered. Feeling betrayed, lost, and heartbroken, she sets out to escape the men who have "saved" her, only to get caught by a different pair of arms.

As Delano and Delaney mend their broken hearts, tensions ignite between the Legion and rogue vampires. Attacks are ramping up, and the final battle is looming.

Too Little Days is a YA/NA supernatural romantic drama with military and battle elements, mentions of violence, and a handful of on page, open-door steamy scenes.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Summer Leigh
  • Publish Date: May 31st, 2024
  • Pages: 322
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.25in - 0.72in - 0.81lb
  • EAN: 9798987780787
  • Categories: Romance - Paranormal - Vampires