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Book Cover for: Transition Metal Catalysed C H Bond Alkynylation, Vinod Landge

Transition Metal Catalysed C H Bond Alkynylation

Vinod Landge

"Transition Metal Catalysed C-H Bond Alkynylation" by Vinod Landge is a comprehensive guide to the cutting-edge field of transition metal catalysis. The book focuses specifically on C-H bond alkynylation, which is a powerful tool for the efficient synthesis of complex organic molecules.

Landge begins by introducing the basic principles of transition metal catalysis, including the different types of metal complexes and their reactivity. He then discusses the various strategies and techniques for C-H bond activation and alkynylation, including oxidative and non-oxidative approaches.

The book also covers the various types of transition metal catalysts used in alkynylation reactions, including ruthenium, palladium, copper, and gold. Landge explores the advantages and limitations of each type of catalyst and provides detailed reaction mechanisms and synthetic applications for each.

Throughout the book, Landge emphasizes the importance of green chemistry and sustainability in transition metal catalysis. He discusses the use of renewable resources and non-toxic solvents in alkynylation reactions and provides examples of efficient and sustainable synthetic routes to complex organic molecules.

Overall, "Transition Metal Catalysed C-H Bond Alkynylation" is an essential resource for researchers, students, and professionals working in the fields of organic synthesis, catalysis, and green chemistry. The author provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles and applications of transition metal catalysis for C-H bond alkynylation, which has significant implications for the development of efficient and sustainable synthetic routes to complex organic molecules.

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  • Publisher: Mohammed Abdul Malik
  • Publish Date: Feb 29th, 2024
  • Pages: 138
  • Language: English
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  • EAN: 9798224220052
  • Categories: Chemistry - OrganicChemical & Biochemical