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Book Cover for: Truth & Happiness: Decoding Truth & Achieving Happiness, Chaz Aprile

Truth & Happiness: Decoding Truth & Achieving Happiness

Chaz Aprile

Most live their entire life without achieving even a basic understanding of truth. We base our entire belief system on concepts with no proper guidelines, which in turn creates conflicting beliefs. Then, we spend a lifetime questioning why we are unhappy. We hold ideas and concepts that we would die for, without ever clearly defining the fundamentals of truth. Despite this fact, we try with every bit of our being to make things better, but it is just not enough. Without fully understanding truth, we cannot ever achieve our ultimate goal: happiness. With this unique approach, your book will provide you with an easy-to-understand description of the essentials needed to achieve a happier, more fulfilled life. This is accomplished simply by deciphering both truth and human development. Then, with this understanding, simple structure can be applied to your belief system to help you eliminate negative emotions and conflicting beliefs. We will be approaching this by gaining insight into the philosophical, physical, and psychological aspects of both truth and human development. Unlike with your typical self-help book, you will first learn the "why" before given the "how". Before you can start your journey, you must first learn how unique personalities and beliefs develop. With this understanding you can better determine exactly what needs to be done to eliminate those negative emotions that are bringing you down. Humans common misunderstanding of truth, from a lack of accurately defining it, needs to be realized to change your perspective and to give you the proper foundation needed to have an organized belief system without contradiction. Once you have deciphered these necessary pieces to the puzzle we call "life", you will then be given easy to follow guidelines that will help you create that better life in which you are seeking.

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  • Publish Date: May 14th, 2024
  • Pages: 176
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