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Book Cover for: Understanding And Handling Anxiety and Stress: Based on Wisdom from Hinduism, C. V. Rajan

Understanding And Handling Anxiety and Stress: Based on Wisdom from Hinduism

C. V. Rajan

This book offers you a totally different and refreshingly new approach to understanding, handling, and even avoiding anxiety and stress. It will actually drive you to do introspection; it will question you on most of the current day lifestyles, goals, ambitions, and dreams. It can shake up your 'me-too' attitude to life, which everyone seems to have taken for granted as 'the norm'.

This book relies on age-old spiritual wisdom available from India, based on Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) the teachings of its saints and sages in analyzing, understanding, and handling anxiety and stress.

The book discusses the importance of acquiring mental peace in life. It elaborately analyses various factors that cause loss of peace in our lives threadbare. You may find some shocking realities and revelations about our lives in general, from angles which many of us don't look at or don't want to look at!

We all want to have more joy in our lives with less associated pain. Are there any ways to get them? Yes. The subsequent chapter goes digging into it, with very down-to-earth examples, and shows you some practical ways.

One stark reality is that some anxieties and stress that we face in our lives don't obviously seem to be connected anyway with our omissions and commissions. Why so? This question troubles many people. Hinduism deals with this question very convincingly through its spiritual concept -- Karma and rebirth. This book goes about discussing it in detail. This chapter can be good food for thought for non-Hindu people as well.

People also blame 'love' as something that potentially hurts! The book does a critical analysis of the subject. Be prepared for some stark realities and revelations. It proceeds further to discuss emotional stress in married life. Can people of diametrically opposite nature have a workable, stress-free married life?

Next, the book proceeds to analyze debt, ways of avoiding debt, and the importance of simplicity in life to avoid stress.

The concluding chapter is dedicated to understanding the role and importance of saints, sages. and guru/ sadgurus. In fact, the best tip for people to handle stress and anxiety is indeed revealed in the last chapter, which even many Hindu believers are not aware of.

The author of this book, C.V.Rajan, is a retired self-employed Engineer, spending his retired life with his wife in quest of spirituality under his Satguru Shri Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma).

He writes extensively in English and Tamil. As his interest turned to spirituality in his late thirties, he became an avid reader of Hindu Scriptures and philosophies, and the lives and teachings of Hindu sages. He is a published author of short stories too.

In his website, C.V.Rajan is sharing all his writings on Hinduism under a single umbrella.

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  • Publish Date: Apr 18th, 2023
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