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Vaman Pandit

Jesse Russell

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Vaman Pandit (Marathi: वामनपंडित) (1608-1695) was a Marathi scholar and poet of India. Some sources say that his family hailed from Nanded but had moved to Dharwad where Vaman Pandit was born and grew up. Later he migrated to Kashi for a significant period of his life. His most significant work, the Yatharthadipika is a commentary of the Bhagavadgita. His another work, the Nigamasara (1673) describes in detail the Vargavi Varuni Vidya (Vedanta). His other important works are Samashloki Gita, Karmatatva, Bhaminivilasa, Radhavilasa, Rasakrida, Ahalyoddhara, Vanasudha, Venusudha, Gajendramoksha and Sita Svayamvara. The captivating style and religious instruction of his work have made them popular with all sections of readers.In 1965 after death he had SAMADHI on the banks of Warana river in Koregaon village placed in Sangali district. He has employed metres, figures of speech and other techniques of Sanskrit poetry very successfully in his works.

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