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Book Cover for: Vampyre Blood Prophesies, Candice Calder

Vampyre Blood Prophesies

Candice Calder

The occult is but a breath to him. His darkness goes much deeper. For centuries Devon has hidden among us. He is "The Beast", the Black Dragon, the Blood-lusting one who is to come, the one who already is and the one who has been. For centuries, Devon has had many names. He is the blood-lusting devil who will bring war upon humanity and his own kind. Devon is the King of all Vampyres with an obsession for the porcelain skinned tempest. She is the tantalizing nectar that he yearns to make his own. She is the Chosen One.

The Chosen One, Isabella, was written about in the ancient Vampyre texts. Her description and details of who she is is written upon the blood scrolls. She is the direct descendants of Lilith and Lucifer. She was born from a legacy of the real Vampyre Royals. Isabella is the great granddaughter of the very first Blood-Queen. Isabella is the Chosen One. She is only beginning to learn who she is.

The reclusive artist is known as Maddening Isabella who keeps herself hidden from the world and from man. Isabella, a victim of deceit, occult abuse and extensive trauma from her youth, remains locked away within her Manor. Her fractured mind is bound by chains of fear, that is until she meets Sam. 
Sam has his own story to tell.

For years, Sam walked upon a blood-stained path that was covered in death. He is an Ex-Assassin, Deserter and a Widow. Through his grief, Sam became chosen. He is the prophetic vessel who stands in the way of Isabella and The Beast.
As individuals, Isabella and prophetic Sam, both learn to fight against their own darkness. They are two chosen souls whose lips have kissed the bitter darkness and tasted the evil that lurks within it.

The venomous evil and danger around Sam and Isabella come in the forms of cross-bloods. Together they face the Blood-Brothers who are a splice of Werewolves and vampyres. Despite their near death encounters, they both learn to love and live again. Despite their many inner and outer scars, they learn what true love matter the cost.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Calder Publishing
  • Publish Date: Feb 23rd, 2024
  • Pages: 170
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 8.00in - 5.25in - 0.36in - 0.40lb
  • EAN: 9798224622542
  • Categories: GothicHorror - GeneralNoir

About the Author

Calder, Candice: -

Candice Calder is a self-taught, Editorial Self-Portrait and Fine Art Photographer and Model. She is a Visionary with a passion for art and communication. She truly is an artist with a message to convey to the world.

She is spiritually gifted. She indeed has spirit eyes. Candice uses her past experiences which consist of supernatural occurrences, sex magic, encounters with warlocks and witches, sorcerers, demons and even the devil, Lucifer and creates various forms of art. Her photography, art and writing resonates a macabre that speaks to our souls.