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Book Cover for: Viking Tales of Old Iceland 2: Original Texts, Translations, and Word Lists, Anonymous

Viking Tales of Old Iceland 2: Original Texts, Translations, and Word Lists


Old Norse is a North Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia from about the 7th to the 15th centuries. Old Icelandic is a variety of Old West Norse that emerged during the Norse settlement of Iceland in the second half of the 9th century. The rich tradition of Icelandic story telling survived by oral tradition over several centuries before being written down in the 13th Century. The Tales of Icelanders are known as ÍslendingaÞættir. The word 'Þáttr' (plural: 'Þættir') translates as a strand of rope or a yarn, comparable to the word 'yarn' in English sometimes used to refer to a story.

This book contains:
- The Tale of Thiðrandi and Thórhall (þiðranda Þáttr ok þórhalls)
- The Tale of Helgi þórisson (Helga Þáttr þórissonar)
- The Tale of Auðun of the West Fjords (Auðunar Þáttr vestfirzka)

The texts are presented in Old Norse and Old Icelandic, in their original form, with a literal word-for-word line-by-line translation, and a Modern English translation, all side-by-side. In this way, it is possible to see and feel how the worked and how it has evolved. This book is designed to be of use and interest to anyone with a passion for the Old Norse or Old Icelandic language, Norse history, or languages and history in general.

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