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Book Cover for: Warriors: Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005 3rd Plt Alpha Co 4th AAV 3/25 Lima Co, Jason Teed

Warriors: Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005 3rd Plt Alpha Co 4th AAV 3/25 Lima Co

Jason Teed

Al Anbar Province, the infamous Al Anbar, a place where all Hell breaks loose. There's an old joke about this place........"How did Saddam Hussein control the Al Anbar?"....."He didn't." This area of Iraq is unforgiving. The people in that region are unlike the rest of Iraq. They are dedicated, deeply rooted, and very strong in their beliefs. Not saying they're all bad, just not used to change. This book is about a Marine Corps Battalion that secured that region from February to October in 2005. We went into a region that hasn't had US troops in there since the invasion, two years earlier. Plenty of time for the enemy to embed into the cities and channel down insurgents/weaponry from Syria. Our Company alone was putting up stats comparable to the Vietnam war. To my knowledge our Company to this day is still the hardest hit unit of all the Iraq War. This book was written primarily to tell our story and to honor the fallen. Also for other Veterans who have been through something similar to let them know that your feelings are normal, real, and you are not alone. I wrote this book to possibly reach out to our Veterans for seeking help. Finally, this book will hopefully help families and friends of combat Veterans in understanding us and where we are coming from. All of the events in this are 100% true.


Book Details

  • Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
  • Publish Date: Feb 20th, 2024
  • Pages: 140
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.38in - 0.58lb
  • EAN: 9781649906496
  • Categories: MilitaryMemoirs

About the Author

Teed, Jason: - Jason Teed is a combat US Marine who did two tours in Iraq, 2003 Iraq invasion from Kuwait to Baghdad and also 2005 in Al Anbar Province. He is highly trained in weapons, combat, crayons, fitting his head into a jar, an MRE chef, and proficient in weightloss due to 120+° temperatures in that God forsaken hell hole sweating his ass off. Even though this is his first book, he actually believes people will read this monstrosity of words and take something away from it. When he's not reliving the past, he enjoys shooting, drinking, cussing, painting, weight lifting, and spending time with his three beautiful kids (which is his whole world). His story is about as true and from the heart as it can get. He held nothing back to tell this story and to keep his fallen brothers names alive. Hopefully everyone reading will benefit from this including veterans, family of veterans, or people who proudly support our Country and those who defend it. Everything in this is true....
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