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Book Cover for: Why didn't you just leave them?: And other ignorant things people say about abusive relationships, Jared Whitaker

Why didn't you just leave them?: And other ignorant things people say about abusive relationships

Jared Whitaker

"Why didn't you just leave them? Can't have been that bad if you stayed? You're both as bad as each other. Why didn't you tell anyone? Why didn't you go to the police? Was it actually that bad? Is that really abuse? You must like it. Aren't you overreacting? I'd never put up with that. That would never happen to me."

These questions and statements are just a glimpse into the ignorance and damage surrounding discussions on abusive relationships and narcissists. "Why didn't you just leave them?" delves into the depths of abuse, control, coercion, narcissism, and manipulation, shedding light on the misconceptions that plague this often-misunderstood topic.

Written from personal experience of an abused man, this book aims to offer solace and understanding to those who have endured abusive relationships. It serves as a resource for anyone seeking insight into abuse dynamics and how to support those affected. It is a call to share this knowledge with loved ones who may be struggling.

This book challenges stereotypes, highlighting that anyone can be a victim of abuse, regardless of gender, appearance, or background. Through discussions on different forms of abuse and methods of control, the author provides practical advice for survival, seeking help, and healing.

Join the author on a journey of empowerment and education, with practical exercises to aid in understanding and taking action. For those who have questioned, judged, or simply not understood, " Why didn't you just leave them " invites readers to explore the truth behind the mask of abuse and narcissism.

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  • Publish Date: Apr 8th, 2024
  • Pages: 124
  • Language: English
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