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Book Cover for: Why Won't They Just Die, A Caregiver's Call for Help, Ronald Lee Moore

Why Won't They Just Die, A Caregiver's Call for Help

Ronald Lee Moore

When a caregiver experiences the thought, but refrains from voicing it, "why won't they just die," they are not actually expressing a wish for the death of their loved one. Rather, it's a way of venting frustrations and feelings of helplessness. Caregivers provide care out of love and obligation, but it can be exhausting when the recipient's needs are often demanding.

Understand, the context caregivers use this expression is often in a moment of overwhelm, a time when the caregiver feels that they've reached their limit. It's also often expressed out of a sense of desperation, a situation where they feel like they're running out of options. A true call for help.

Throughout this book, we explore the emotional turmoil that can often go unnoticed in caregivers' lives. This guide will assist full-time caregivers who are considering or are already giving care for someone.

With this guide you will:

- Explore the various emotions full-time caregivers experience

- Learn ways to overcome the effects of those emotions

- Relate with other caregivers through the many stories shared

- Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) which gives a concise summary of each emotion discussed.

We begin by noting caregiving has an often-quiet, unintentional beginning in "A Quiet Beginning: The Undiscovered Course of Caregiving". We then address the silent struggles that caregivers endure every day in "The Silent Struggle: Unveiling the Emotional Turmoil of Caregivers". Next in "Breaking the Stigma: The Importance of Strengthening Your Mental Health". We provide practical strategies to help caregivers prioritize their mental and emotional well-being, without feeling guilty or ashamed. In "Finding Strength in Community: Building a Support Network for Caregivers", we explore the benefits of support groups, connecting with others who share similar experiences. Finally, "As the Journey Ends: Preparing for When Caregiving is Over". Things to consider as your caregiving journey comes to an end.

If you are a full-time caregiver, this book is for you. We hope that you will find comfort, reassurance, and practical solutions to help you navigate the emotional challenges of caregiving.

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  • Publish Date: Jun 10th, 2024
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