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David O'Neil

Dynamic sequel to Sailing Orders and Quarterdeck by UK's master of military sea adventure The continuing saga of Captain Sir Martin Forest Bowers, RN and his loyal crew.

Captain Sir Martin Forrest-Bowers returns to the sea once again in the service of his grateful nation, along with First Lieutenant Patrick Brooks and rest of his valiant and loyal crew. Only this time, Martin finds that his wife, Lady Jennifer, is not content to sit idly at home waiting for her seafaring husband to return. Eschewing the expectations of high society, a class to which she and her husband belong, Lady Jennifer decides that she, like Ruth, whether thou goest, will sail at her husband's side and join him in battle as it may come. Finding that she is not the lone female aboard ship, Lady Jennifer learns that her Naval Captain is as brave as she had thought and that battle at his side is even more hazardous than she had imagined.

Sea action at its best

Captain Forrest-Bowers finds himself and his crew fighting the French, the Spanish, Barbary pirates, and the Americans as he and a small band of other ships sail the dangerous waters of war in service to his homeland. Then, just when needed and much to his surprise, Martin finds an unexpected ally in battle: the Americans. But can they really be trusted? One question: Friend or Foe? The correct answer means survival.

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Book Details

  • Publisher: W & B Publishers Inc.
  • Publish Date: Apr 22nd, 2015
  • Pages: 274
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.02in - 5.98in - 0.58in - 0.81lb
  • EAN: 9781942981121
  • Categories: Sea Stories

About the Author

Frequently compared favorably to noted author, W.E.B. Griffin, O'Neil is an avid student of military history, especially during the time of sea battles and political uprisings. A native of the United Kingdom, artist and photographer David O'Neil started writing seriously with a series of Highland guide books. His boyhood ambitions were to fly an airplane, and sail a boat. As a boy he and his family were bombed out of their home in London. He learned to fly with the Royal Air Force during his National Service. He started sailing boats while serving in the Colonial Police, in Nyasaland (Malawi). He spent 8 years there, before returning to UK. Since then he lived in southern England where he became a management consultant, for over twenty years. He returned to live in Scotland in 1980, and became a tour guide in1986. He started writing in 2006, the first guide book being published in 2007. A further two have been published since He started writing fiction in 2007 and has now written five full length novels. A student of history and formerly military, O'Neil has been compared favorably with the UK's Ian Fleming and is frequently referred to as the "W.E.B. Griffin of the United Kingdom" due in a large part to his insightful recounting of exciting military exploits and his unique ability to develop credible characters.
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