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Book Cover for: Words Between Darkness and Light: Poems by Una Kobrin, Una Kobrin

Words Between Darkness and Light: Poems by Una Kobrin

Una Kobrin

Words Between Darkness and Light

Poetry by Una Kobrin

How to map a soul's journey? Poetry can offer its readers a portal to aspects of their own souls not previously consciously realized. This author's soul journey is woven in poetry with the central theme of light and dark. Traveling through myriad vehicles of relationship: encounters with nature - the seasons, nearby creatures, intimacy with flowers and weeds, and the loving and harrowing relationships with kindred souls - these poems expose the tender and healing possibility of the inner work of redemption. A wider relationship with the world-at-large is met with deep contemplation and inquiry, all part of the author's vivid exploration.

An affectionate observer of the living world, the author brings surprising insights and opportunities for wonder, threaded throughout in touching and humorous accounts. The reader is also invited into the process of entering the often-avoided inner realm. Again and again, the inner sensing gets reflected in the outer landscape (literally as well as figuratively). This voyage brings us into a mystical viewing through a lens of beauty, sensuality, and insight.

Words Between Darkness and Light expands awareness of the soul/spirit presence in the seen and unseen surrounding us. From the first close encounter with the Beloved, to the next Awakening thanks to a dynamic moon, the psyche is evident. Spirit is present throughout in all its various expressions, frequently imbued with the Divine Feminine, often hidden by the liturgies and texts of Western Religion. This work provides a window into sacred rigor, particularly in the challenging relationship with one's mind. Meditative clarity opens into the vastness of The Greater Mind, from which we may newly behold the sentience permeating everything, from the small and ordinary dandelion to the expanse of the sky.

Of the Blue

Can our hearts be large enough oceans to hold

the love that comes from the sky?

Can we bear its serenity - flooding us with stillness

in its free embrace?

Can we envision all that has been extinguished, stirred

and newly lit up into luminous blue?

Can we, even if briefly, dwell in this in-between place -

where life dust mingles in its twilight of matter?

Can we imagine its boundless province to forever be in the

background as worlds spin and unravel their stories

again and again?

Can we fathom its azure veil of protection

shielding us from the unendurable face of God?

Book Details

  • Publisher: Rose Press
  • Publish Date: Jul 28th, 2023
  • Pages: 200
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00in - 6.00in - 0.46in - 0.66lb
  • EAN: 9780998392868
  • Categories: Subjects & Themes - Inspirational & ReligiousPsychotherapy - CounselingNature Therapy

About the Author

Kobrin, Una: - The poetry of Una Kobrin-poet, psychotherapist, gardener, and artist-traverses the inner and outer landscape, where all is included in the realm of intimate relationship. Originally from Chicago, Una has been a Californian for the last 40 years, bi-located in Berkeley with her late husband, as well as living outside Nevada City in the Motherlode of Northern California, on land stripped of all topsoil during the generations of gold-mining that occurred there. She practices sacred agriculture in conversation with the earth and the individuality of the land that surrounds her. The land has been loved and recast as a canvas for diverse cultivated gardens neighboring its wild periphery, whose presences often speak through her poetry. This 32-acre sanctuary-Heartstone and Soul Tree Gardens-is home to Una and a small community of residents and working friends.
Praise for this book

"Not the typical book of poems you peruse and then store on a shelf. I find myself astonished at their radiant beauty and wisdom, reaching again and again for them through seasons and cycles within the human soul and Nature. Una's book is a prescient road map for the heart; its journey of joy and sorrow, wandering and wondering, remembering and reaching - the perceptive passion and power of a soul pilgrimage that is named and claimed. A book not to leaf through but to live through. May you walk its pages with your heart."- Patricia Kaminski: author, Flowers That Heal

"Una Kobrin's poems have been created from an inspired place, full of rich, beautiful imagery and a depth of feeling and insight. Her nature poems are extraordinary, the work of an experienced gardener and mystic, immersing us in a world of enchantment and wonder. Her poems are subtle, with often unexpected perspectives that reward multiple readings; a book to savor, like a fine wine."- Ralph Dranow: author, A New Life: Poems; with Daniel Marlin, At Work on the Garments of Refuge

"... Una's poems... have taken me to heights and depths, to places hidden in the soul, to moments of humor, wonder, illumination, empathy, self-realization. They are beautifully written and without affectation. This book is a gift!" - Kathleen Fenton: artist

"Una Kobrin's poems let the reality outside ourselves open up what's great within. The gift is her unique voice, a blend of sensuality, beauty, and regular transcendental leaps that leave one in the pleasant grip of wonder."- Eliot Schain: author, The Distant Sound

"Una Kobrin takes delight in the physical world with luxurious descriptions of all that she sets her eyes on. Her poems invite the reader to share in that pleasure and partake in the sly playfulness at work in her writing.... Readers are bound to enjoy accompanying this lively poet in her quest."- Paula Friedman: author, Undreaming Landscapes

"Una Kobrin's nature poetry marries clear perception with insightful introspection. Her Madia poem demonstrates ... a masterful integration of soulful images with clear observations that stay true to the actual phenomena of the plant, and true to her own inner experience.... This is true soul medicine."-Richard Katz: co-director, Flower Essence Society

"With tenderness and humor, Una Kobrin's poems explore how the universe is contained in the smallest beings and experiences... a reminder to wake up to the wonder inherent in every moment, whether the moment is difficult, fleeting, sorrowful, exultant or mundane."

-Deborah K. Steinberg: editor, Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks

"Una's poems draw vivid images of our human potentials and possibilities. They are an invitation to slow down and reimagine our personal relationship with Nature."

-Renee Wade: author, The Living Earth Handbook