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Book Cover for: Wounds Of Life, Mrigendra Bharti

Wounds Of Life

Mrigendra Bharti

"Wounds of Life" is a poetry collection that explores the spectrum of human experience, particularly focusing on the trials and tribulations that leave their mark on our hearts and souls. It delves into the raw emotions that accompany these wounds - sadness, anger, fear, and the feeling of being lost.

However, "Wounds of Life" is not merely a book about pain. It's a testament to the enduring human spirit. The poems celebrate our capacity to heal, to find hope in darkness, and to emerge transformed by our struggles.

Here are some key points to highlight the book's essence:

Themes: Vulnerability, resilience, hope, healing, overcoming adversity

Emotions: The book explores a range of emotions, particularly those associated with hardship - sadness, anger, fear, loss, despair.

Style: The poems are likely introspective and honest, using vivid imagery and metaphors to convey the complexities of human experience.

Impact: "Wounds of Life" aims to offer solace and a sense of shared experience to readers who have faced their own challenges. It empowers readers to confront their wounds and discover the strength and hope that lie within.

Target Audience: This collection would resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost, hurt, or burdened by life's challenges. It's for those seeking solace, understanding, and a reminder of their own strength.

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  • Publisher: Sellbrochure Vymish Entertainment
  • Publish Date: Jun 25th, 2024
  • Pages: 86
  • Language: English
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About the Author

Bharti, Mrigendra: -

Mrigendra Bharti, born on June 29, 2004, in South Delhi, India, is a multifaceted individual recognized as the owner of Mrigendra Bharti Group InfoTech India Co. Pvt Ltd. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, he is a distinguished music producer, director, and a budding writer.

Embarking on his professional journey at a young age, Mrigendra Bharti's visionary leadership has led to the establishment of several successful ventures, including Croma Music Series Entertainment, Sellbrochure, Fauget Innovative, and more.

What sets Mrigendra apart is his early initiation into the world of business. His foray into the unknown realms of entrepreneurship began during his 10th-grade years, where he delved into the music industry. This initial venture laid the foundation for subsequent achievements, showcasing his dedication and resilience.

Having honed his skills in music, Mrigendra Bharti not only demonstrated significant growth in his craft but also expanded his professional network. His passion extends beyond music, encompassing app and website development, as well as graphic design.

Fueled by his creative aspirations, Mrigendra established the Mrigendra Bharti Group, a company specializing in website and app development. Currently, he collaborates with a dedicated team, collectively working on ambitious projects that promise innovation and excellence.

Mrigendra's journey serves as an inspiration, particularly for today's students, highlighting the potential of youthful determination and the ability to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses. As he continues to make strides in various domains, Mrigendra Bharti remains a dynamic force, contributing vibrancy to the realms of business, music, and technology.