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Book Cover for: Yoga Sutras: The Sayings of Patanjali, Bart Marshall

Yoga Sutras: The Sayings of Patanjali

Bart Marshall

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali were written around the time of Jesus, give or take 200 years. The practice of yoga began in India as early as 1000 years prior, but the Yoga Sutras are the most important compendium of this ancient oral tradition, and virtually all later schools of yoga begin with Patanjali.

Little is known about him, but there is evidence he was an educated philosopher, grammarian, and physician-a long-lost medical work is attributed to him. No doubt he received oral instruction in yoga and probably lived in remote caves, forests, and river banks, which were the most frequent practicing grounds of the time. At some point, enlightenment happened.

Why he committed an oral tradition to written text is unknown, but as the remote meditative havens of the yogis receded and dedicated aspirants dwindled, he may have feared that yoga would become forgotten, lost, or corrupted. Regardless, we are the beneficiaries of his efforts.

The literal meaning of the word sutra is "thread," which by extension and usage has come to connote "spiritual instruction." Simple, direct, practical-yet not easily understood or practiced-the threads of Patanjali weave an elegant system for opening the door to Self-realization.

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  • Publisher: Realface Press
  • Publish Date: Nov 6th, 2023
  • Pages: 52
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