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Book Cover for: Youthful Roman Memories 1940 - 1960, Arturo Barone

Youthful Roman Memories 1940 - 1960

Arturo Barone

The author, born in London but brought up in Rome, recalls the years of his boyhood and early youth in a city caught up in a war Italy was doomed to lose, invaded by the Germans and then liberated by the Allies (Americans and British in the main). From the early days of the war when Rome suffered from a scarcity of food and some bombing, to the indignity of being cruelly controlled by its former allies, the Germans, to the early '50s which saw Italy's 'economic miracle' revival exemplified by the scooter (Vespa, Lambretta), its post-war motor car developments (led by Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari) and the development of its neorealism film industry with such masterpieces as Roma Cittá Aperta, Ladri di Biciclette, La Ciociara, one can talk of a miracle of overall recovery from war; not quite yet political, but on the way to the realisation that Italy has developed almost an immunity to its violation by foreign powers. A complete changeover took place in Italy at the same time as the country was fighting the spread of the Communist threat, whilst trying to come to terms with overcoming 22 years of Fascism and nearly 150 years of a monarchical regime which required modernisation by embracing democracy and converting itself into a Republic. The frankness of some descriptions of his early years will strike the readers as refreshing; the theoretical freedom allowed to young boys whilst growing up during the war is unexpected. The benefit to the Eternal City provided by the existence of the Vatican is underlined and the wanton and unnecessary destruction of the Dominican Abbey at Montecassino is dedicated particular attention. All in all, an easy and informative read.

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