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If you have a book coming out in the next 3 months, you are eligible for the Tertulia Author Preorder Campaign. It’s a win-win proposition: your fans get your book at the best price available online and you and your publisher accelerate your book sales during the critical prelaunch period. (We report directly to the New York Times Best Sellers list.)

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Share your preorder campaign with fans via email, newsletters, and social media. Feel free to include a personal message and edit our suggested language — you know your audience best!

Participating Authors Include:


Who we are

Tertulia is a new co-op bookstore for avid readers. Learn more about us here or in this New York Times article.

Book discovery beyond the best-sellers

Tertulia lets readers discover new books through a wide range of sources by curating book recommendations from authors, experts, critics, and public figures across social, podcasts and the web.

Book discovery beyond the best-sellers

A bookstore co-owned by readers

Tertulia is co-owned by our co-op members, a community of avid readers. This means that we put the interests of readers, authors, and a healthy book ecosystem first.

A bookstore co-owned by readers
“Tertulia takes a novel approach to online discovery.”THE NEW YORK TIMES


  • Simply fill out this form with your book information and we will be in touch with you and your team!

  • Not at all. Tertulia is making the full investment in this preorder campaign series as we seek a new, engaged audience of avid readers.

  • Here’s an example of copy we typically send to our authors who need help with what to say:

    “[BOOK TITLE] is out in 30 Days - the countdown has begun! We’re here with a great deal.At the new online bookstore for avid readers, Tertulia, you can now preorder the book for 50 % off and free shipping! To get this deal, you simply check out with a free trial of their membership program – no commitment. Preorders are incredibly important for authors these days, so don’t wait to grab your copy. Already have a Tertulia membership or not ready to subscribe at the moment, take a 20 % discount anyway when you checkout with code[INSERT CODE HERE]!"

  • Our standard setup is 30 days before pub date through the day of publication, but we can work with the most strategic period for you and your publisher.

  • Yes! We report as an independent retailer.

  • No. If they sign up for a no-commitment, 30-day free membership trial, they’ll get a 50% discount on your book. However, if they’re already a Tertulia member or they’re not ready for a membership trial, they can still get a 20% discount using the discount code we provide to you (and that you share with your fans).

  • Nope! No hard feelings if you’re not ready for a membership, but our door is always open…

  • We offer two options for authors: a) 50% off and free shipping with a no-commitment 30-day trial of Tertulia membership b) 20% off with a personalized promo code - no trial membership required.

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