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Eleanor Dunn

Eleanor Dunn is a journalist and editor for the New York Times. International Staff Editor, @nytimes 🏡. 🇬🇧 to 🇺🇸, 🇸🇬, 🇰🇷 and back again. Previously @bbcnews. I actually post on Instagram!

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Book Cover for: Glassworks, Olivia Wolfgang-Smith


Olivia Wolfgang-Smith
Eleanor DunnEleanor Dunn

“Glassworks” is so deeply imagined and immersive that reading it felt like an invitation: Shatter what needs to be shattered and mold your story from what’s left... I needed this novel, both for its cathartic devastation and the hope found in its wreckage.

Hardcover, 2023

$28.99$14.49 + Free shipping50% off your first book
Book Cover for: Greta & Valdin, Rebecca K. Reilly

Greta & Valdin

Rebecca K. Reilly
Eleanor DunnEleanor Dunn

We are encouraged to simply accept what we don’t understand and meet the world where it is, rather than trying to seamlessly decode it…If this novel shows us anything, it’s that love — of family, of romantic partners, of community — is most joyful when it’s without limits.

Hardcover, 2024

$28.00$14.00 + Free shipping50% off your first book