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Ellen Akins Book Recommendations & Book Mentions

This list consists of recommendations or mentions of books spotted in media, social media accounts, podcasts or other public websites.Ellen Akins on X

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Ellen Akins is a novelist.

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Book Cover for: The Crane Husband, Kelly Barnhill

The Crane Husband

Kelly Barnhill
Ellen AkinsEllen Akins

If you can get past — or better yet, go along with — the crane, this brief book is absorbing, thought-provoking, and, in spite of or perhaps because of its outlandish premise, irresistibly readable.

Hardcover, 2023

$19.99$9.99 + Free shipping50% off your first book
Book Cover for: Margo's Got Money Troubles, Rufi Thorpe

Margo's Got Money Troubles

Rufi Thorpe
Ellen AkinsEllen Akins

But it's also hard not to love Margo, the character, who's smart, resourceful, goofy and kind, gamely conducting us through what is finally an entertaining plot full of quirky characters, surprising twists, and good old-fashioned suspense

Hardcover, 2024

$28.00$14.00 + Free shipping50% off your first book