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Keiran Goddard

Keiran Goddard is a novelist, poet and social commentator. HOURGLASS (2022) I SEE BUILDINGS FALL LIKE LIGHTNING (Feb 2024) @LittleBrownUK - agent/enquiries @C_Conville @CWagencyUK - Executive Director @alexferry_uk

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Book Cover for: Close to Home, Michael Magee

Close to Home

Michael Magee
Keiran GoddardKeiran Goddard

Really pleased to review the excellent CLOSE TO HOME by @michaelmagee__ for @GuardianBooks I liked all of this book, but some aspects in particular deeply moved me.

Hardcover, 2023

$28.00$14.00 + Free shipping50% off your first book
Book Cover for: Ordinary Human Failings, Megan Nolan

Ordinary Human Failings

Megan Nolan
Keiran GoddardKeiran Goddard

An excellent novel... Ordinary Human Failings is an achievement of shade and texture... an achievement in saying some of the plain, earnest things we are often too embarrassed to say – that what might seem a perfectly normal life can nonetheless feel empty or insufficient...

Hardcover, 2024

$27.00$13.50 + Free shipping50% off your first book