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Nick Hilden

Nick Hilden is an arts, science, politics, and travel writer. Arts, travel, tech & health writer | Esquire, Washington Post, Afar, Popular Science, Daily Beast, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Runner's World, etc,

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Book Cover for: Burma Sahib, Paul Theroux

Burma Sahib

Paul Theroux
Nick HildenNick Hilden

Theroux combines elements familiar to his oeuvre — politics, history and travel, all packaged in a vibrantly descriptive narrative — and applies them to Orwell’s formative days as a colonial authority, which would inform his anti-colonial, anti-authoritarian work to come.

Hardcover, 2024

$30.00$15.00 + Free shipping50% off your first book
Book Cover for: Animal, Lisa Taddeo


Lisa Taddeo
Nick HildenNick Hilden

I had a great talk with @lisadtaddeo for @thedailybeast about the grief and rage in her latest book Animal.

Paperback, 2022

$17.99$8.99 + Free shipping50% off your first book
Book Cover for: The Candy House, Jennifer Egan

The Candy House

Jennifer Egan
Nick HildenNick Hilden

Had a great chat with @Egangoonsquad about her latest novel The Candy House - read the interview at @thedailybeast!

Paperback, 2023

$17.99$8.99 + Free shipping50% off your first book