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That Perfect Book For Everyone On Your List

Give the most thoughtful gift: a book personally selected by you (with help from Tertulia). From history buffs to sports lovers to gamers to Swifties, we've got you covered.
Tertulia staff •
Dec 1st, 2023

The Jane Austen Lover

Pride and Prejudice as told from the the perspective of the troublesome Lydia — also a cheeky gift for your wild child youngest sister.

The Joan Didion Devotee

This gorgeous catalog from the Didion exhibition (opened last spring in the Los Angeles Hammer Museum and currently on view in Miami) is the ultimate gift for hardcore fans.

The Wordle Addict

Pair this workbook with the surprisingly fascinating and at times salacious story of the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Swiftie

A fun read-aloud bio for the littlest Swifties and their Taylor Swift-loving parents!

The History Buff

There are a lot of great Lincoln books out there, but what makes this one special is its an inspiring take on how his leadership can set an example in today's divided America.

The Celebrity Gossip Fiend

Few celebrity memoirs are as juicy as this bombshell from the queen of pop who recounts her rise to fame and the many challenges that became tabloid fodder over the past decade.

Babs Groupies

At last, the long-awaited memoir by the EGOT-winning superstar is finally here. What could be better for Babs’ diehard fans than reliving the Way She Was in a whopping 992 pages of unadulterated Streisand?

The Friend Obsessed with Italy

For those who know that life in the real Italy is not always La Dolce Vita. Plus, this is one of the best books of the year as far as we are concerned.

Your Most Vain Friend

A woman becomes ensnared in a mysterious California spa in this gothic fairy tale that Vogue hailed as "an edgy fable on the perils of our modern fascination with beauty."

The Family Member Who Needs to Take Better Care of Himself

This wildly popular manifesto on preempting disease and managing diet and exercise is a not-so-subtle hint for your loved one.

The Cinephile

A captivating exploration of the pivotal role of color in 50 iconic movies. A gift that makes an impression on the casual viewer and film buff alike.

Anyone Obsessed with The Royals

The latest bombshell from the king of Royals journalism.

Anyone Who Loved Oppenheimer...but Already Read American Prometheus

This critically acclaimed new novel comes in the form of a fascinating history of the nuclear age told through a narrative about one extraordinary physicist.

The Barbiecore Bibliophile

NPR put it best: "Anyone who has ever been a girl or a woman will recognize the patterns Febos uncovers: the unwanted touch, the expectations of our bodies, the way we become complicit in the traps laid out for us along the way by the patriarchal structures that govern so many of our social, professional, and interpersonal spheres . . . By following Febos' distinct paths between the past and present, we might realize there's room to forge our own, and that we've just been handed a flashlight that helps illuminate the way."

The Gamer

This anthology edited by Carmen Maria Machado and J. Robert Lennon is a collection of essays by writers on video games and their lasting impact on our culture. Whether your gamer is addicted to Call of Duty or The Last of Us, they'll enjoy taking a break from the console for this one.

The Aspiring Artist

Critic Bethanne Patrick said it best, that this “might be the most important book to read *right now* if you're a creative of any sort. Saltz, senior art critic at New York magazine and Pulitzer winner in criticism, shows why art truly is 99% perspiration and just 1% inspiration.”

The Amateur Astronomer

The remarkably short and accessible new book puts forth a new, expert theory of black holes that will fascinate anyone curious about the great beyond.

The Mystery Addict

A reliable and unique gift for the mystery addict who is probably already up-to-date with the new novels out this year.

The RomCom Rockstar

Do you feel our hearts beating? A fading one-hit wonder gets a second chance at love and stardom after meeting a handsome stranger on a flight, in this humorous debut from the co-founder of beloved 1980s band The Bangles that The New York Times called "the smart, ferocious rock-star redemption romance you didn't know you needed."

The Chess Lover

Any chess devotee will enjoy this new guide from 27-year-old chess master wunderkind Levy Rozman.

The BookToker

This Hollywood saga about a mysterious inheritance is filled with old-school Tinseltown glam and modern showbiz glitz. It's endorsed big-time by BookTok author sensation Taylor Jenkins Reid, who says, "If you like Evelyn Hugo, you’re gonna want this one," this debut novel promises an "intoxicating, thrilling, and glamorous" experience.

The Patriarchy Smasher

A rule-breaking feminist manifesto that urges women to rethink the ancient sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth to liberate their potential and live more authentic lives.

The New Parent

Clinical psychologist and mother of three Dr. Becky Kennedy completely blew up on Instagram during the dark days of the pandemic quarantine, when she used her gentle coaching to talk tapped-out parents off the ledge. The so-called “the millennial parent whisperer" shares tips and wisdom in this helpful guide that's a great gift for new moms and dads.

➳ Other excellent picks for the new father include bestselling memoirist and Atlantic contributor Clint Smith's collection of poetry and the poignant travel memoir that actor Andrew McCarthy wrote about walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain with his son.

➳ Excellent picks for the new mom include two intergenerational family stories: Oprah's pick of the summer, the blockbuster Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano, or this year's return of Anne Enright with The Wren, The Wren.

The Newly Married

Advice columnist Heather Havrilesky’s memoir — just now out in paperback — is a kind of sardonic, yet helpful guide to enduring the age-old condition of contempt bred by familiarity.

The Newly Divorced

Only a poet like Maggie Smith can make divorce read so beautifully. One of the most memorable memoirs of the year!

➳ Animal and Nature Lover

The Person Who Loves Their Dog The Most

The bucket list book - but with your dog.

Because Dog-Lovers Deserve Two Picks

One of our all-time greatest American poets on what dogs teach us about meaning in our lives.

The Cat Lover

It's like "The 5 Love Languages" - But for cats. Modern Cat magazine called this one "a must-have guide to improving your cat's life!"

Because Cat Lovers Seem to Read A lot

A bestseller in France and winner of Japan's Kiyama Shohei Literary Award, this slim book by an acclaimed poet is a moving novel about the transient nature of life. Great read for anyone, but especially cat-lovers.

The Nature Enthusiast

A devotional portrait of the interconnected rhythms of human life and the natural world.

The Gardener (or any Rebecca Solnit fan)

A gift of politics, pleasure and roses through this often overlooked side of George Orwell as an avid gardener.

➳ The Foodie

The Vegan

Yes, even fluffy pancakes and chicken parmesan.

The Baker

Any baker will be slobbering over the recipies in this the highly anticipated new baking bible from a James Beard-decorated pastry chef.

The Aspiring Chef

(Affordable) cooking school for the rest of us. Nice pairing with a gift subscription to Masterclass, where El-Waylly just launched a signature course dedicated to breakfast meals.

The Foodie

The best bite-sized food writing of the year.

The Posh Foodie

Anyone who knows the maitre'd by name - or strives to - will dig into this one.

➳ The Bingewatcher

Obsessed with The Bear

If that infamous omelette-making montage set your taste buds on fire and your heart pounding, there’s a pretty good chance you may be Obsessed with The Bear. We think you’ll devour this new novel by an author who writes cooking and eating scenes in the most "emotionally devastating" way according to Eater.

Obsessed with Daisy Jones & the Six

DeLillo's classic novel takes us back to the time when downtown NYC was seedy, edgy and the perfect place for an anxious rock star to go soul searching after dropping out of his tour.

Obsessed with Succession

If you think Succession’s backstabbing and intrigue makes for high family drama, wait till you get a load of this bestselling historian’s sweeping new history of families from ancient times to the present day including the Kennedys, Assads, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and more.

Obsessed with Wednesday

A Hugo Award-nominated series which follows a budding sorceress as she strives to survive the trials that lay in wait for her at the dark magic school of Scholomance.

Obsessed with Only Murders in the Building

Esquire said it best: "Osman's greatest strength is fusing the puzzle-mastery of Christie and her Golden Age peers with emotional earnestness and wry humor."

Obsessed with Black Mirror

Nine imaginative and provocative stories to scratch that speculative itch once you're caught up with Black Mirror season six. We think this collection is a great gift for almost anyone on any occasion!

Still Watching Friends Reruns

The late Friends' star's vulnerable tale of his rise to fame and decades-long battle with addiction.

➳ The Sports Lover

The Cycling Fanatic

The bucket list, but in spandex.

Baseball Fanatic

The latest from Poz - the greatest living baseball writer.

The Skiier

The ultimate book to read in the lodge after a long day on the slopes.

Basketball Lover

Perfect for fans of the Last Dance and anyone nostalgic for the golden era of basketball.

Tennis Player

The perfect book to improve your forehand and get your mind in the sharpest state for your next match.

The New Premier League Fan

The inside story of the world's favorite sports league.

Lover of All Sports

The definitive account of the life and legacy of arguably the greatest ever American athlete.

The Surfer

The truly best surfer read is Barbarian Days but any surfer worth his or her salt water has already read it. To truly impress, gift this comprehensive visual history on all things surfing.

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